What do you think, if you’re looking for a toy as a gift for a child or your family? A robot toy will be fun for them, then zoomer dog is definitely the right choice.

Zoomer toy dog can do what we ordered, such as talk, roll over, shake a paw and more. We are not afraid to feed or clean up her eating. If you and your family love dogs, zoomer toy is a great gift for a child or family.

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Just like a real dog you’ll need to teach him everything a puppy needs to know. Call his name, teach him lots tricks and watch how excited he gets when you reward him with a real good belly scratch. Zoomer dog are very cute, fun, and zoomer will steal your heart in an instant. When children can play zoomer vigorously wagging his tail and responds to their commands. Zoomer is smart as a whip and can understand Spanish, English and French. He even follows your movement with his cute puppy eyes. When you adopt Zoomer into your home, he can’t help but feel like a real part of the family.

Zoomer Dog Features

To learn everything there is to know about training Zoomer the dog, download the free IOS or Android app. Check out the zoomer features.

  • His tail is flexible – it is the real wag
  • Intuitive play is supported with the receiver for voice command
  • He has good memory actually – He learn more tricks as you play more with him.
  • Check the tricks on a single button push
  • He can roll over because of the rotational core within
  • The chest sensor work for sensation as you scratch his belly and tracking objects
  • The LED eyes blink naturally
What in the Box
  • 1 zoomer family pet
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 quick trick guide (manual instructions)

Adopt Zoomer Toy Today!

If you’ve ever been asked: “Can we get a puppy?” then you need to adopt Zoomer. Now children aged 5 and up, can experience all the love and affection of a real puppy without the messy clean up, vaccinations and responsibilities. This fully interactive friend will steal your heart as you scratch his belly and watch Zoomer excitement brighten any room. At last, a puppy made just for kids.

Adopt Zoomer and he’ll instantly become part of the family.

Where to Buy Zoomer Dog

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